Once again, the Fall season is on the way. First, back to school! Second, choose activities! We reach out to students with the desire to take a step, hop, leap, and flip into Gymnastics. Each with different goals, but all for enjoyment of our sport. Offer your child the opportunity to take professional gymnastics classes that will enable them to be physically healthy, raise their self-esteem and  HAVE FUN in an enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere. Our program consists of 12 or 13 week sessions to insure progress for all students. PGC continues to develop interesting, healthy, and fun programs! As always, "the best we can offer our students," is foremost in our minds! Our history is 40 years of great gymnastics!

Our Fall Session begins on September 4th and continues though December 1st. REGISTER NOW by sending the enclosed Registration Form with full payment as soon as possible. DO NOT DELAY!! Our Fall Session fills up very quickly. Upon receiving your form, it will be processed on a first come -- first served basis.  If requested class is filled, we will contact you with other available classes.   Your request will be confirmed by telephone or e-mail.  The class fees include our $20.00 one-time per year registration fee per student. We do not put our registration form or fees on our website.
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PGC offers a make-up time for any class a student cannot attend. Please contact the office and schedule all make-ups.  Kindly inform PGC if missing a scheduled make-up class prior to that class or it will be recorded as your make-up.  A make-up class may not be carried into next session unless the absence occurs during the last two weeks of the current session. 

We will refund class fee, less registration fee and any classes taken, up to the third week of classes. There are NO REFUNDS after the third week of class attended.    

On the first day of each class, our students 5 years old and over are skill tested so they can be placed in an appropriate group. During each class session, skills are advanced as to the student's abilities. All students will not progress at the same rate. Our main purpose is to teach correct gymnastics with a basic foundation for improvement. Safe gymnastics is an important goal in our program. Our Preschool program offers instruction for motor skills to develop body coordination as well as beginner gymnastics skills. Students are placed in groups that are age appropriate and according to their skill levels, as per our testing program. This gives us the opportunity to give each student more individualized attentionand track their progress. At times, we must separate friends because of a difference in skill levels. We appreciate you not asking to move your child to another group, but encourage them to make new friends! If you request your chil be with friends, we cannot guarantee the same progress.

All of our instructors are U.S.A. Gymnastics (governing body of our sport) certified and trained.  They have completed and passed the U.S.A. Gymnastics Safety Certification Test.

We have a well-stocked Gymnastics store with leotards, shorts, T-shirts, handgrips and lots of extras. All of your gymnastics needs under one roof.

Only students and their instructors are permitted in the gym area.  The doorway must be kept clear at all times for the safety of our students.  This is in accordance with Fire Regulations.

Parking is permitted in our off street parking lot or on the street opposite our facility after 1:00 PM. 

You are welcome to observe weekly classes from our observation area.  This area is provided solely for observation of students during their class.  There is no food or drink permitted in this area. All cell phones should be turned off.  If you desire to talk with friends or play with younger siblings it should be done in our outside waiting area.  Consideration of other observing persons should be a priority!  Our waiting room area is a very busy place.  It must meet the needs of all.  We expect everyone to be considerate of each other.  All trash must be put in proper containers.  Please keep area clean and safe for all.    We ask that you do not bring or eat any peanut products as many students have allergies. Our Insurance company does not allow us to have pets in our facility.    PLEASE OBSERVE OUR POSTED RULES!

Information available on our website and in our office. Please check your calendar for the following:
Call the office to arrange a “Play Day” for any groups of friends or for a group of Home Schooled children.
December 27th – Preschool Day Camp - Boys & Girls - Ages 3 through 5 -
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
December 28th - Full Day of Gymnastics Camp for girls - Ages 6 and over -
9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  

The world of competitive gymnastics has expanded to new and higher levels.  This path is not right for all students.  P.G.C. is offering an additional competitive opportunity for female students.  We are looking for female students, ages 8 and over, that are interested in a less demanding competitive experience than our nationally famous “Mannettes Gymnastics Team”.  Requirements are to take an advanced class once a week and an additional training time for a three hour period on Wednesday - 5:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. or Saturday - 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you are interested in this program, please check the line at the bottom of  the Fall Session registration form.  You will be contacted after our testing week with additional information. This "in house" program is under the direction of "Mr. Gene" Muldoon.

PGC Inc. is a member in good standing of U.S.A. Gymnastics, the National Governing Body.  We support Amateur Athletics and the Olympic Movement. Our programs are developed to offer a vehicle on the pathway to advanced competitive gymnastics.  Any female student with the talent and desire is able to  pursue this goal.  Our staff is happy to train and support our pre-team program the “Gymbusters”, our Developmental Team and our Jr. and Sr. Competitive teams, the nationally famous “Mannettes”.  All of the above programs are with staff approval and by invitation only. 

It always gives us great pleasure to have the opportunity to offer professional gymnastics instruction to children.  In today’s world children need physical activity!  All of our staff at P.G.C. is looking forward to having your child join us for the steps, leaps and bounds to a healthy and fit way of HAVING FUN!                                                                                   
To past students - WELCOME BACK!  To new students - GLAD TO HAVE YOU!