We offer two avenues for students who wish to compete -
The Mannettes and Team PGC.

   Mannettes' Gymnastics Team

The Mannettes are a group of very special young female athletes!

Their dedication to their team and competitive gymnastics is proven by their success each year. The team competes under the sanction of the U.S.A. Gymnastics national program at a Beginner through Elite level. We are proud to have them as a vital part of our gymnastics program. Our facility is dedicated to past, present and future team members! May they continue their pursuit of excellence - physically, mentally and morally!

The Mannettes have won many State, Regional and National team titles. Individual team members have won Local, State, Regional, National and International Championship titles. Team members have competed as members of our U.S. World Championship, U.S. Pan American and U.S. Olympic Teams.

Criterion for membership includes ability, potential, discipline, attitude, and parental support. Invitation only.

The Mannettes train at PGC under the direction of Head Coach,
Karen Hendrickson.

Team PGC


The world of competitive gymnastics has expanded to new and higher levels. This path is not right for all students. PGC is offering an additional competitive opportunity. We are looking for female students, ages 8 and over, that are interested in a less demanding competitive experience than our nationally famous “Mannettes Gymnastics Team”. Requirements are to take an advanced class once a week and an additional training time for a three hour period offered on Wednesdays from 5:45 PM to 8:45 PM or Saturdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Students accepted onto Team PGC must meet the requirements based on our class evaluation process held during the first week of classes.

Team PGC's season begins in October and runs through June. Notify PGC of any interest by checking the box on the bottom of the Fall Session Registration Form. Checking the box will not commit you to anything. After Evaluation Week, further details will be sent to you. Upon receiving the info, those eligible can then decide if they want to make the commitment.