Our Winter Session begins on December 3rd and continues through March 9th. REGISTER NOW by sending the  Registration  Form and  payment as  soon as possible. If your child was a Fall Session  student,   WE   MUST   RECEIVE   YOUR   REGISTRATION   BY NOVEMBER   10th,    OTHERWISE    WE    WILL    ASSUME    YOU   ARE   NOT REGISTERING   FOR   THE   WINTER   SESSION.  If  your  child is a new student, please  register  as  soon  as  possible.  DO  NOT  DELAY!! Beginning November 12th,  we  will  make changes and process  new registration  forms by the day your enrollment was received in our office. We will contact you regarding the status of your registration by November 20th. Our  facility is closed  for regular classes from December 24th through January 1st. Our regular schedule resumes Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

Our instructors are U. S. A. Gymnastics (governing body of our sport) certified and trained.   They   have   completed   and   passed   the U. S. A.  Gymnastics  Safety Certification and Continuing Education Course and all have certified background checks.

P.G.C. offers a make-up time for any class a student cannot attend. Please call the office and schedule all make-ups. Please inform P.G.C. if missing a scheduled make-up class prior to that class or it will be recorded as your make-up. THERE  ARE  NO  REFUNDS  FOR MISSED CLASSES! 

On  the  first  day  of  each  class  our  students  (5 years old and over)  will  be skill tested so  they  can  be  placed in a group   ACCORDING  TO  THEIR  PRESENT SKILL  LEVEL.    This   gives   us   the   opportunity   to   give  each  student  more individualized  attention  and  track  their  progress.   At  times  we  must  separate friends because of a difference in skill levels.   We  appreciate your  not  asking  to move your child to another group  but  encourage  them to make  new friends while attending class  in their  appropriate group!

Any student registering for our Kindergym  program is eligible to  add a  2nd class for  a  50%  discount.  The  additional  class  can only  be added where we have availability. Please call the office if you are interested.

For  each  student's  well  being  and  safety,  please  arrive for  scheduled class 5 minutes  before  class  time.  It  is  very  difficult  to  conduct  warm  ups and  move groups to their scheduled  events when students are late for class.  Our instructors are unable to assist any late arrival. P.G.C. reserves the right not to allow a student into a class if they arrive after or warm-up time has been conducted. 

Refunds  -  less registration fee and any classes taken  -  will  be  given  up to and including the third week of class. Notification by parent must  be  received  before Week #4. Amount of refund is based on notification date.  

We   have  a   well-stocked  Gymnastics   store   with  leotards,   shorts,   T-shirts, handgrips and lots of extras.

If you are doubtful about weather conditions, please check your email, our website, or call our office at 610-825-3023. Cancellation of classes due to weather will be on our answering machine. All missed classes due to weather can be made up.

Only  students  and their  instructors are  permitted in  the gym area.  The doorway must be kept clear at all times for the safety of our students.  This is in accordance with Fire Regulations.

You are welcome to observe weekly classes from our observation area.  This area is provided solely for observation of  students during their class.   There is no food or drink permitted in this area. All cell phones should be turned off.  If you desire to talk with  friends  or  play  with  younger  siblings  it should  be done  in our outside waiting area.   Consideration of other observing persons should be a priority!  Our waiting room area is a very busy place.  It  must  meet the needs of all.  We expect everyone  to  be  considerate  of  each  other.    All   trash   must  be  put  in  proper containers.   Please  keep  area  clean  and  safe for  all.    We ask that you do not bring or eat any peanut products as many students have  allergies.  Our  Insurance company  does  not  allow  us to  have pets  in  our  facility.    PLEASE OBSERVE OUR POSTED RULES!

Parking  is  permitted  in our off street  parking  lot or in  the street on the opposite side of our facility.   In order to facilitate  parking  for  all,  we  ask  that  you  depart promptly at the end of class.

Due   to   popular   demand,    we   will   hold   our  annual   Gymnastics  Fun  days. "Gym Jam" for female students of all  levels  -  ages  6 & 7,  8 & 9, 10 to 12, and 13 and over  -  Thursday,  December 27th -  9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.    Gymnastics for preschool students - girls and boys 3,4, and 5 years old - Wednesday, December 26th - 9:30 AM  -  12:30 PM. These  are   fun-filled   days of  gymnastics,  games,  and activities for all students and their friends. Look for information in our waiting room or click on the "December Camps" link on our Home Page. Please sign up early, as we have limited enrollment. Friends are welcome!

We  offer  June  gymnastics  camps  for all ages, play group visits, home schooled classes,   and  school  trips.  Call  our  office  for  additional  information.

P.G.C. Inc.  is  a  member  in  good  standing  of  U.S.A. Gymnastics,  the National Governing Body.    We support Amateur Athletics and the Olympic Movement. Our programs   are   developed  to   offer  a   vehicle  on   the   pathway   to  advanced competitive gymnastics for any female student with the talent and desire to pursue this  goal.    Our staff is happy to train and support Team P.G.C.  -  our recreational team,  our  Developmental  Team,  and  our  Jr.  and Sr.  Competitive  teams  -  the nationally   famous   “Mannettes”. Entry into these programs must have staff approval. If   you   have  a  daughter  interested  in  doing competitive  gymnastics  at  any  level,   please  contact  our  office  for  additional information.

It always gives us great  pleasure to have  the opportunity to offer gymnastics to all children.   With youth fitness being at an all-time low,  we know that gymnastics can be a  vital part of their physical well-being.   All of our staff at P.G.C. look forward to having  your  child join us for the steps,  leaps,  and
bounds to a healthy and fit way of HAVING FUN!

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