COVID-19 Update

PGC Post COVID Reopening Updates & Procedures

Updated June 25, 2020

Facility Changes Completed Prior to Reopening:

  • Professional cleaning week of June 1st, repeated weekly
  • Secured ample hand sanitizer in gel and liquid form for use with spray bottles
  • Ordered touch free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers (delivery date: TBD)
  • Added touch free faucets in the restrooms
  • Removed chairs in the observation room, reduced chairs and spacing in waiting area
  • Removed equipment and furniture not frequently used
  • Removed chalk bowls on gym floor
  • Covered foam pit with tarp, mats placed on top of tarp for vaulting
  • Provided face masks and gloves for staff
    • Non-coaching staff: use of masks at all times while in the facility
    • Coaching staff: use of masks at all times unless deemed a hazard during spotting

Facility Changes to be completed ASAP

  • Add touch free hand soap dispensers: soap obtained, awaiting dispensers
  • Add touch free hand sanitizer dispensing stations: dispensers obtained, awaiting sanitizer
  • Installing closed circuit T.V. platform (SpotTV) for remote viewing of classes and training

Families must take the following actions (separate instructions to come):

  1. Complete COVID-19 pre-screening online questionnaire
  2. Enroll via parent portal on PGC website

PGC Student Responsibilities:

  • All students should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class for required temperature check, hand sanitizing/washing and assembly for entry into the gym area.
  • Each student should bring and maintain their own personal gym bag. The bag and contents should be clearly labelled with the name of the gymnast. The bag should contain all necessary gym paraphernalia such as grips, wrist guards, water sprayer for grips, tape and a water bottle.
  • Students are allowed to bring personal yoga mat, beach towel or other item for stretching.
  • Students are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer for personal use between events.
  • Students will be instructed to place their gym bag at marked spaces that are 6 feet apart.
  • Refrain from sharing water bottle or other personal items with others.
  • All students must wear masks or facial coverings while entering the facility.
    • Once arriving to their initial physical-distanced station inside the gym, gymnast can then remove the mask or facial coverings, place it in their bag, and keep it isolated with their personal items throughout class. The mask or facial coverings should be reapplied while using other areas of the facility (i.e. bathrooms), and reapplied while exiting the facility after class.
  • Tell coaches IMMEDIATELY when they are not feeling well.

Safety Policies and Procedures

Employee Guidelines
  • Staff will follow illness policy including temperature checks and 24-hour wellness standard.
  • Staff will wash/sanitize hands prior to/at the conclusion of and between classes.
  • Staff will have limited direct physical contact with children (spotting is limited to necessity for all instructional classes)
  • Staff will be diligently trained on procedures and prepared to enforce any distancing protocols.
  • Staff will be required to wear masks while in the company of others while in the building.
Building Preparation
  • Professional cleaning service on site to disinfect and sanitize weekly.
  • Use EPA recommended products effective against Covid-19 throughout the building prior to opening and throughout each day.
  • All surface areas will be disinfected/sanitized multiple times daily.
  • Hand Sanitizer stands throughout building accessible and monitored for refill.
  • Drinking fountain covered and students encouraged to bring water bottle.
  • Vending machine will remain accessible.
Entering the Building
  • Student curbside drop off and pick up.
  • Students will be temperature checked upon entering the gym; students who appear ill or who have a temp over 99.5 will be sent home.
  • Everyone will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering waiting area.
  • No more than 1 adult per child in building, entrance must be pre-approved by PGC office staff.
  • Any parent entering the building will be required to wear a face mask.
Traffic Flow Physical Distancing Facility Ratio
  • Separate entrances and exits will be used to control physical distancing and traffic flow.
  • Limited number of parents will be allowed to observe classes/training in the observation room with required prior approval, remote observation strongly encouraged.
  • Student ratios and stations will be modified in class programming and team training (Pre-school 4:1, Gymnastics classes 6:1, Team 8:1)
Prior to Class
  • Students will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering the gym.
  • Employees will have disinfected/sanitized all equipment, entrance and exit points of gym, parent areas and other high touch surfaces.
During Class
  • Athletes will sanitize/wash hands (supervised) after every rotation.
  • Lesson plans will be modified to omit partner activities.
  • Lesson plans will be modified to limit use of props. Props will be sanitized after each class.
  • Stations and activities will be modified to allow safe distance between children.
  • Porous surfaces such as carpet squares and bean bags will be temporarily taken out of use.
  • Athletes will stretch/body shape on vinyl mats that can be cleaned (process subject to change upon receipt of carpet disinfectant)
  • Each athlete will keep chalk supplied by PGC in their personal plastic container.
  • Grips will be kept in separate bag to be carried on their person rotation to rotation.
  • Only one student is allowed to use the restroom at a time, max. 2- with masks.
After Class
  • Athletes and parents will use separate exit to control flow.
  • Employees will begin disinfecting/sanitizing all areas of their department immediately to get ready for next group.

*Pre-established criteria for entry to assist and/or observe child during class: < 7 years old, first class at PGC, request must be submitted at least 1 week prior and approval confirmed prior to class; approval valid for one-time only

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