Our Policies

Gymnastics Area

Only students and their instructors are permitted in the gym area. The doorways must be kept clear at all times for the safety of our students and staff members.

Observation Area & Waiting Room

Family members of students are welcome to observe classes from our observation area. A monitor for the viewing areas of the gym that can not be seen directly from the observation area is mounted in the room for your convenience. We ask for visitors to be respectful when using cell phones or other devices while inside the building. All trash must be put in proper containers. Running, climbing and gymnastics are not permitted in the observation area. Please honor our posted rules.

We also offer Spot TV, which allows you to view the gym remotely during your child's scheduled class/workout times using a mobile device. Spot TV allows you to scroll through the different areas of the gym to watch all the events from your mobile device.

Proper Attire

Comfortable workout clothing such as a leotard, leggings, cotton shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt or tank top should be worn in class. Students cannot wear dresses, skirts, or skorts in class. Clothing that does not cover the midriff is not acceptable attire. Shirts should be tucked in when turning upside down. No clothing with buttons, snaps, or buckles may be worn into the gym. Students with long hair must have it pulled back or braided. No plastic headbands, large hair accessories, or hair clips. Flat barrettes are acceptable. Students may not wear jewelry, including a watch. Stud earrings are permitted.

Missed Classes

PGC offers a make-up time for up to 3 classes per session for each student. To be eligible for a make-up class, PGC must be notified before the absence occurs. A make-up class may not be carried into the next session unless the absence takes place during the last two weeks of the current session. PGC must be informed if a scheduled make-up class will be missed prior to that class or it will be recorded as your make-up. Requests for scheduling make-up classes must be sent by email to office@philadelphiagymnastics.com. There are no refunds/credits for missed classes.

Payment Policy

The total fee for the session will be charged as monthly payments. The first monthly payment is processed with the annual registration fee at the time of enrollment. Subsequent monthly payments will be processed on the 15th of each month for classes held the following month. We reserve the right to withdraw your child from classes due to a declined payment.