Frequently Asked Questions


What if my child is tentative about going into the gym?

It is normal for a young child to be apprehensive about coming into class. You may walk your child into the gym for the first couple of classes if your child has difficulty detaching. If your child is preschool age, parents may sit on the side of the warm-up area for a few minutes. Please try to leave the gym after a short period of time to help your child acclimate to the class environment.


How will I know if your gym closes due to inclement weather?

We will send out an email notification if we are canceling classes. You can also check for sent emails under ‘Messages’ in your portal menu. We will also post a message on our Facebook and Instagram pages. All missed classes due to weather can be made up.


What is the class structure? (groups, size, evaluations)

Children registered for our Kindergym classes will be put into groups according to their ages.

Children in our Kidnastics classes and above will be evaluated and placed in groups ACCORDING TO THEIR PRESENT SKILL LEVEL. This allows us the opportunity to give each student more individualized attention and to track their progress. Requests to move children to a different group because of friends will be considered, however, this may prevent the child from progressing if placed outside of the most appropriate group based on skill level.


What will my child do in a typical class?

You & Me (18 months - 3 years): Each student must be accompanied by an adult. The pair will explore a fascinating environment of movement education and interaction with other children. The group will do a short warm-up, followed by instruction on three or more events per class.

For Kindergym, Kidnastics, Gymkids and Advanced Gymnastics classes: warm-up, followed by breaking up into groups of a specific ratio of students per instructor. The ratio is 5-6:1 for Kindergym and 7-8:1 for all other classes. Students will generally go to 3 events per class that alternate each week. Stations are set up at each event to keep children from standing in line. Trampoline is the only event where students must sit and wait their turns, as it is only one student at a time. Students are taught the names of skills as they learn progressive gymnastics.

Ninjazone (Little Ninja: ages 3 & 4 / Ninja Training: ages 5–10): Warm-up, followed by breaking up into groups of 5-6 for Little Ninja and 7-8 for Ninja Training per instructor. Students generally go to 3 events per class including time on the Ninja rig.