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Our Philosophy

Our main purpose is to teach correct gymnastics with a basic foundation for improvement. Safe gymnastics is an important goal in our program. Our Preschool program focuses on motor skills necessary to develop body coordination and spatial awareness, as well as beginner gymnastics skills. Placing students in groups that are age and skill appropriate provides us the opportunity to give each student more individualized attention and track progress. On the first day of each class, our students in Kidnastics, Gymkids, and Advanced classes are evaluated so they can be placed in an appropriate group according to their present skill levels. During each class session, skills are advanced on pace with the students’ abilities. All students will not progress at the same rate. At times, we must separate friends because of a difference in skill levels. Requesting for your child to be with a friend of a different skill level can affect the progress of all children in the group. We encourage our students to make new friends!


A specially designed and tested gymnastics, fitness, and motor development program for preschool age children. An introduction to gymnastics skills using apparatus and trampoline. Develop the ability to listen and work within a group while developing confidence, coordination, and physical awareness.

Age Range 2 ¾ to 3 ¾ and 3 ¾ to 5
Gender Girls & Boys
Class Duration 45 Minute Class
Frequency Once per Week
Student Ratio 5/6 : 1


Gymnastics for young girls and boys. Strong emphasis on basic skills and gymnastics technique increasing child’s ability level. Use of all appropriate apparatus combined with instruction in strength and flexibility.

Age Range 5 and 6 years old
Gender Girls & Boys
Class Duration 60 Minute Class
Frequency Once per Week
Student Ratio 7/8 : 1


Use of all apparatus with instruction in appropriate gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility. Advancement of skills with personal attention to ability level.

Age Range 7 years old and over
Gender Girls
Class Duration 90 Minute Class
Frequency Once per Week
Student Ratio 7/8 : 1

Advanced Gymnastics

This class is designed for young gymnasts with above average skills who desire to advance their level through more complex training.

Age Range 8 years old and over
Gender Girls
Class Duration 120 Minute Class
Frequency Once per Week
Student Ratio 8 : 1

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